II Urban Sketching Symposium

barão de quintela
barão de quintela
Workshop com Manuel João Ramos no Largo Barão de Quintela.

Street traffic is a continuous process of negotiation, conflict and appropriation of public space in urban areas, in which walkers are the blood cellules that feed city life.

How do street users relate with each other, how do they adapt to the environment, and how they negotiate their competing mobility needs? The Workshop proposes to capture these social relationships, largely based on anonymity and movement by non-intrusively drawing impressions of public scenes, people’s ergonomic postures and group flows. Participants are thus invited to produce visual materials from observation of pedestrians’ behaviour and traffic relations.

The general intention is to value the act of drawing as an informational tool to comprehend the dynamics of street life.

Lisboa, Portugal, 22.07.2011


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